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Minchin Recruitment has developed an innovative recruitment process to match talented candidates with businesses who are hiring. By reducing placement time and cost by almost 50% compared to traditional recruitment methods we work to ensure your business has the staff it needs, when it needs them. Whether you are ready to take the next step in your career or need to fill a vacant position, contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Minchin Recruitment is a leading provider of comprehensive recruitment solutions, offering over 30 years of expertise and experience to businesses across Australia. Our mission is to make the scouting and hiring of employees a streamlined process to find and secure top talent.

Why Choose Minchin Recruitment

We have leveraged technology, comprehensive candidate screening and personalised service delivery to develop an innovative recruitment process. Our aim is to provide verified and qualified candidates to you in days, not weeks, allowing your business to continue to deliver. Over time, we have seen our recruitment process reduce placement times by 47% and at 48% cheaper than traditional recruitment methods.

By embracing technology to replace outdated and inefficient recruitment steps, we can easily provide you with digital access to our employee profiles with the click of a button. Coupled with our six-step screening process and personalised service-delivery model, we can recommend candidates most suited to your vacancies. These strategies combine to produce an innovative recruitment process aligned with today’s contemporary business practices.

We invest significant time and capital into each of our candidates to ensure we offer you only the best quality talent. Before presenting a candidate, you can be assured they have undergone thorough checks through references, qualifications, right to work, criminal history, social media and a screening interview. This background works provides us with a thorough understanding of each candidate, provides you with peace of mind and means we can offer quality candidate matches for your vacancies.

We understand the importance of cash flow on your business, so all costs are declared upfront and spread evenly in fortnightly payments through the term of the candidate placement. Our transparent pricing model and detailed schedule of fees means you know exactly what costs are involved before the employment placement begins, clearly demonstrating the value of our service. Furthermore, other financial benefits from utilising our services may include being eligible for GST credits and payroll tax exemptions.

Each of our candidates has a digital profile that outlines their critical personal and professional information, including their work history, qualifications, skills, professional development, volunteer, screening activities and any other information relevant to their professional portfolio. Each profile includes a video of the candidate, designed to provide greater insight and complement the descriptive profile.

The digital candidate profile is one of our strategies to quickly deliver the right talent to your business. At the click of a button, it will provide you with the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

We have a genuine desire to create long-lasting relationships with businesses and employees with a smooth transition into the workplace. With ongoing human resource support post-placement and managing the employee’s wages, superannuation, entitlements, leave and WorkCover, you can focus on what you do best. Our commitment to you and the employee extends beyond the placement, as we are always ready and available to provide guidance, knowledge and expertise when needed.

Our innovative recruitment methods have proven to save businesses almost 50% in both time and money compared to traditional recruitment methods. We remove inefficiencies from the weeks needed to write a job advertisement, load your vacancy on job websites, wait for candidates to apply, assess those candidates, schedule interviews and complete screening checks before your preferred candidate begins. Quality candidates are in high demand, meaning efficient recruitment processes are paramount to securing talent before your competitors do.

Often, recruitment processes require multiple staff to complete, each dedicating dozens of hours to find the right candidate. The money spent diverting your staff to these activities, rather than having them focus on their primary responsibilities, will cost thousands of dollars. Furthermore, there is no guarantee you will find a suitable candidate at the end of the process, placing your time and money at significant risk.

Minchin Recruitment solves the problems traditional recruitment methods cause and delivers quality candidates to you quickly.

Corporate Services and Business Administration Specialists

Corporate Services are the backbone of any business and critical in support of day-to-day operations. We specialise in recruiting these positions, dedicating our 25+ years of combined experience across public and private sector corporate services. This specialist knowledge allows us to identify quality talent and understand what it takes to create a high-performing corporate services employee.

Our decision to specialise is based on our desire to create quality placements through experience and contemporary recruitment methods. Corporate Services are in our DNA, and our expert knowledge will help your business prosper through recruitment.

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